Mills & Scope Consulting is a highly reputed international multidisciplinary consulting group, based in both Toronto (Canada’s liveable largest city) and Abuja (Nigeria’s well-appointed capital). Its principals and senior advisers spend time between the two cities, and the firm boasts of a robust network of consultants and associates around the world.   The key focus of Mills & Scope Canada is in providing strategic and innovative advisory and technical expertise to clients and to ensure that its many high level clients (which have included international organizations, government agencies, and both regional and national legislatures) optimize their potential and capacity whilst adding value to their institutional, capacity-building, research/writing, reporting, governmental support (including in the executive, judicial and legislative sectors), peace-building, and sustainable development needs. Mills & Scope is particularly strong in, and is on the leading edge of, the governmental support, peacebuilding, natural resources and climate change, human rights, democratic governance, and elections technical capacity building, areas.