Areas of Focus

Governance, Human Rights and Democratization

We draw on a team of in-house experts and our network of external partners to provide expert consultation, research, training, and grant implementation for projects in the areas of governance strengthening; democratization; and human rights project design, monitoring, and due diligence (including carrying out human rights-based impact assessments, political risk analysis and risk evaluations). We also develop policies and mobilize knowledge on various issues of governance, human rights and democratization, especially in Africa.

Peace Building and Conflict Resolution

We are equipped to provide proficient strategies for capacity building for service delivery in fragile states and regions. We can also monitor justice sector progress and provide training for juvenile justice reform. We are able to design and implement transitional justice programmes, including for establishing truth and reconciliation commissions, access to justice programmes, and initiatives to strengthen community resilience against violence. This includes providing tailor-made training on conflict mitigation, social cohesion, and countering violent extremism (CVE). We possess demonstrable expertise in mobilizing knowledge on international law, international human rights law and the applicability of international humanitarian law, even within local contexts.

Natural Resources, Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability

Our network of experts includes a multidisciplinary team of climate change academic experts, environmentalists, natural resource lawyers, ecologists and researchers who are able to provide the following:

  • Natural resource management research, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Environmental legal compliance analyses; environmental risk assessment and management; and, environmental impact assessments (EIA).
  • Climate change and environmental regulatory management frameworks in Africa, including climate change policies and best practices.
  • Environmental education and policy making within International Law and the Sustainable Development Goals framework.

Institutional Strengthening

We have gained significant experience in improving existing institutional strengthening systems and processes in Africa. Our institutional strengthening capacity is designed to enable public institutions to develop effective ways of relating to their environment and sustain institutional gains to fulfill their social mandate. We possess the expertise to provide requisite, demand-driven, support to local organizations and national institutions, and to execute capacity-building programmes across several countries. With our proficiency in several areas of international law, human rights, international development, grant implementation and research methods, this area of our work delivery also incorporates the use of new technologies to pursue innovative practices that will improve the performance of institutions and achieve developmental goals.